Thursday, May 23, 2013


Do you punch werewolves? I do.

The name's Ashley, or you twi-h00rs may more easily recognize me as IPunchWereWolvz. Been hanging around this fandom since 2009. That pesky movie lead to the books, which lead to blogs, then fic, then... Well what more is there? I've been hooked and stuck in this bubble of awesomeness ever since.

I started as a reader. Couldn't tell you what the first fic I read was. I know I was introduced to it by the blog Twitwarded. I was following them, reading everyday and then they posted about the Isle Esme fade to black. There were some links to some one-shots that shed light on what could have happened. My fascination with the stories snowballed from there, and continues still.

I like a variety of fics. I've read everything from crack-fic to fluff, angst to non-cannon. Though, I must admit, I'm a sucker for some DaddyWard! Some of my favorites completed fics are Firefly in Summer by Primarycolors, What If by Twihart21and The Ex Factor by AngelAtTwilight. Current works in progress I am enjoying include Marley's Mother by Pandoras Box Is Heavy, Wisp by Cris and Glycerine by Livie79.

Sometimes, I consider myself a writer. I'm a small fish in this large fic-pond. My ffn page states I've written 16 stories, which boggles my mind. Most are one-shots or drabbles, though I do have some full fics I'm working on.

What can I say about my normal day to day life? No much. I live in the teeny, tiny Rhode Island (No that is not part of New York. Yes, I have an accent that is a mix of NY and Boston), and only recently found out another fandom person lived within the state lines. I spent years thinking I was alone. I don't have kids, though I love them and love spoiling my nieces and nephew. No significant other, though I wouldn't mind one. I work full time at a large insurance company, that I... like most days.

Most people in my life know that I am a Twilight fan, but that's it. So I'm really excited for TFMU. I've met some Twi-friends before, and some have turned into people that I now could not imagine not having in my life. I can't wait to let loose and just be able to discuss fics and the fandom with people who get it!


  1. Hi Ashley, It's me BellaTesoro (Fran) your new fellow Little Rhody twi-friend.
    I'm so happy to see you are going to be in Chicago too! We'll have to get together.
    I still haven't done a spotlight here. I guess I should.
    "Talk soon"

  2. I wish I could attend!! I know you're having a blast! Thank you for mentioning TEF bb!! XO ~Ang


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