Monday, May 6, 2013


Hi all!

My name is Michelle, I am jnurmc3 on Twitter.

I am a (newly) single mom of 2. I am an ICU nurse here in Kingston. I recently moved back home to Canada after living in Jacksonville, FL for the last 14 years.

I discovered Fanfic quite by accident when I was helping my step-daughter look up Twilight. I was intrigued so I started to read, joined a few chat groups and was quickly hooked.

I am honestly amazed at the amount of talent that exists in this fandom. Yes, the smut is awesome (anyone who denies that is but there is so much more to these stories. I honestly feel so honoured that these authors are willing to share their amazing work with all of us!

The thing that has kept me in the fandom for so long is the friendship and support that I find here. The first forum that I actively participated in was for The Submissive..and there I met the most amazing women. I still talk to many of them, they were my support system during my divorce and the chaos surrounding it! I look forward to finding each of them and giving them a hug to thank them for their love and support!

I look forward to June! See you in Chicago!


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  1. Woman, I so wish we had known you were in Jax. TwilightMomofTwo, Mentallady, Besotted and myself have regular Jax meet-ups in Jax every month or so. We would have invited you to join us if we had known you were her.


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