Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hi TFMU Peeps….

You wanna know about little old me??? 

Can’t say I’m all that exciting – married, mom of 3, work full time & what little time I have, I READ very dirty things involving out favorite fictional characters! 

Like most, I was frustrated with the “fade to black” and on a whim googled “Breaking Dawn honeymoon” … that took me over to Twighted and a little one-shot called Isle Esme.

I don’t even remember who it was by, but I was like OMG, this is exactly how I thought it would have played out.   I proceded to forward it to all my friends – they thought I was crazy!

Lets just say that it was only the tip of the iceburg….from there, I somehow wound up on Twitarded where they had a post on FF with a list of “must read” fics.  What was #1 on that list???

You guessed it, Wide Awake – and lets just say that is what I was for about 2 days straight.  I remember getting to the last update & thinking “oh, no, where is the next chapter tab???”  You mean I have to WAIT to find out what happenes next???  It was the beginning of a very slippery slope….I have a TBR list that is out of control…and I had to start a “finished” list because I couldn’t keep track of what I had already read!

I’m actually a little (all right, a lot) nervous about going to Chicago…I’m going by myself, & I don’t really “know” anyone besides thru the wonderful world of the internet, and it’s the first time I’m leaving the kiddies!  So please be gentle…I will try to put on my smiley/happy/friendly face and suppress my New Jersey “don’t mess with me” face.  On the flip side, I am super excited to finally tackle hug people that I have been talking to on-line for the last 5 years!   I want to meet some of the writers that have entertained me, made me laugh, cry, anxious, nervous, happy, sad and all the other FEELS!

We all have this crazy/silly/fun thing in common, so I am hoping we all have a blast!   


Fic Bella:
For swoony, feely Bella = pretty much any Bella that Rochelle Allison writes…the first review I ever wrote was for Volition & she actually replied…I almost fell off my chair!
She writes they type of Bella that you can see yourself as – a very real life Bella.

Fic Bella:
For totally pervy, slide off me chair, wish it was me, will never happen to me in real life – so I will live thru this Bella…The Trip Home by mskathy.

Who would say no to two beautiful/HOT guys LOVING not only you, but each other???? UUUNNNFFFF….but I only want the good stuff, not the “close-minded society” stuff.

So save a hug & a smile for me in Chicago!
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