Saturday, May 18, 2013



 Closet TwiFic Reader Extraordinaire. That’s me.

I am sure my loved ones are pretty damn close to burning my e-reader, phone and tablet while secretly staging an intervention any day now. They know I love to read. If only they knew what I was actually reading….(giggles).

I was drawn to fanfiction after watching Eclipse on Netflix. This led me to New Moon, which forced me to seek out Twilight. Yep, I watched the series backwards. Next, I purchased and kind of read the books but I kept thinking, this can’t be it. Where’s all of the good stuff? Then I remembered it was a book for young adults and since I am a 40ish mother of a teenager, I figured I should probably move on and stop repeatedly watching those damn movies. (And by the way, THANK YOU Stephanie Meyers for Edward Cullen!)

Well, obviously I didn’t overcome my obsession and came across a fanfic link on a Robert Pattinson website. I don’t even remember the story but it blew me away (I think Bella transformed into a polar bear or something of that nature. I kid you not).  I found other stories that actually contained all of the good stuff that I was seeking…….mature subject matter that didn’t revolve around teenagers. I was introduced to adult characters in alternate realities and I WAS HOOKED.

I will read any genre but I tend to favor  stories filled with angst, suspense and drama. Fluffy stories tend to annoy me. I try to avoid teen focused fics because they tend to squick me out. At some point, I would like to try and write a story introducing new main characters, specifically ones that look like me. However, I can’t seem to step away from the reading long enough to give it a go.

This will be my first TwiFic event. I am looking forward to meeting fellow twific addicts and hopefully walk away with new friends to chat with.  Most of all, I want to personally thank all of the authors for sharing their amazing stories with us.

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