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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TFMU Evening Activities

In case you haven't checked the schedule lately, allow me to tell you about our evening activities we have planned!

Saturday, June 29, we're planning to attend the The Empire Brings Sexy Back Burlesque Show. This requires pre-purchase of tickets to obtain a group rate, so please respond to this post if you are interested and want to attend. Tickets are normally $35, but the group rate is $28, so it's a substantial savings.

Sunday, June 30, we will be doing a bussed fic tour, visiting spots made "famous" in fic you love. The fee for this will be $20, and also requires pre-purchase. Please respond if you are interested and want to attend.

Right now, we're just trying to gage if there's enough interest to go forward in planning these activities. Once we figure out if there is or isn't, we will go ahead and post a PayPal button for you to reserve and pay for your spot.

See you in June!

Amanda, Amber, Kathy


  1. Count me for both! My train doesn't leave till 6pm on Sunday and I really don't wanna have to entertain myself all day! :) -Meagan (MDiva22)

  2. I'd be up for both of these opportunities - they sound like fun!

  3. I would be down for the Burlesque show on Saturday.
    No go for Sunday - early flight.
    Sil (@sildoc)

  4. I'm in for both, they sound fun!

  5. Yes for both. @AmsinnettBrown & JT040708 (entered by theswandive)

  6. Yes to both. @jnurmc3 @SkarletBlondepr (entered by theswandive)

  7. I'm game for the burlesque show!

  8. I am game for the burlesque show!!!

  9. The fic tour on Sunday sounds fun. Count me in.

  10. @twifriend10 (entered by theswandive)

  11. Not interested in the Burlesque show, but Sunday sounds fun - depending on what time everything will be happening.

    1. Hi Kare! The tour is from 11a-2p on Sunday. We'll pick up and drop off at the Hilton. Let me know if you can make it! :)

  12. @twimom817 no burlesque but interested in Sunday tour

  13. Count me in for the burlesque show!!

    Nikki aka blueeyedcherry

  14. Please sign up @cherieblossum and @helloella90 for the twi fic tour


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