Friday, June 28, 2013


Hi! I’m Melissa (IAmMelissa2). I live in Chicago and work for a law firm doing the firm’s marketing and public relations. I am an AP Stylebook fanatic and wield my “red pen” like a weapon at the attorneys. They are scared of “it” now. I walk the halls with my AP guide in hand and bop them on the head with it when they are really bad. I have to take my power where I can get it!

[Note: I am exhausted right now, so please don’t judge my writing and editing skills according to this profile. And don’t tell my attorneys if you happen to see any mistakes! My power will evaporate and they may sue me for damages.]

Twilight Found

In comparison to most, I’m a fan fiction infant. I didn’t even see Twilight until January 2011, and it was due to channel flipping to it on Showtime one day. I was really disdainful and resistant when I saw the initial media explosion of Twilight. I think it was due to standing in line at the grocery store and constantly seeing Twilight-related gossip splashed across magazines.

Robert Pattinson Found

The part that really caught my eye when watching Twilight the first time was a guy. Who is this guy?! Off to Google I went. There was plenty of information about him. I am entirely too old to be obsessing (in the most non-creepy way possible) about this young man, but that didn’t stop me. Nope. Within two weeks, I had read all of the Twilight books and watched all of the movies. However, strangely, the thing that really precipitated my Twilight fan fiction introduction was reading that this guy’s next film was Water for Elephants.

Fan Fiction Found

Somehow, I landed at Robsessed, and, after hanging out for a while, I learned that there was going to be a mass pilgrimage of sorts to the WFE premiere in NYC. I “talked” to a few of the ladies on the site, and we decided to go for it. I found myself sitting on a NYC sidewalk in the rain (from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.) waiting/hoping for a pink wristband. My insanity was worth it, by the way. Anyway, we were sitting there at about 3:00 a.m., soaked and bleary-eyed and eating cold pizza from a wet cardboard box, when somebody said “fan fiction.”  I innocently asked what that was and have been (not-so-innocently) reading it ever since.

TFMU Found

I am mostly a reader with some writing dabbling. I am so excited to attend TFMU and meet the the talented authors and  the readers that share my fan fiction enthusiasm. My only regret about fan fiction is not taking advantage of the seemingly perfect opportunity to make friends with like-minded people. I constantly read authors’ notes about the great friends they have made along the way. Then, I wonder – how can I do that too? My list of stories to read is nearly endless, but it would be shorter if I would quit reading my favorites over and over again.

Conclusion Found

Well, too long story short, I am so excited to meet all of you and to hopefully make some great friends along the way! To visitors – Welcome to the wonderful city of Chicago! Please don’t judge us by this weird weather.

Thursday, June 27, 2013



I’m MaBarberElla, but you can call me Marcia.  I’m late thirties with two babies 2 & 4, an artist husband who stays at home & thus is slowly losing his mind, a spunky horse who I don’t ride enough, a full time job to pay the bills, and a leadership role for a non-for-profit that sucks up large chunks of time.

In my free time, I write…to get it all out of my system.  And by it, I mean the frustrations of daily life as well as an obsession with the Cullen men and a serious fawning over Rob and Peter and, yes, (don’t judge!) Jackson. 

I’ve been writing for what seems like forever, but didn’t much after college.  When I found myself working for a company that had just declared bankruptcy, six months pregnant without insurance, a newly-graduated hubbs with no job yet, not able to ride my horse and not playing my cello (too pregnant for both activities), I needed an outlet.  I had just finished reading the series and just like everyone else, I wanted more.  Hubbs will forever rue that fateful day a dear friend said to me, “Have you tried the slippery slope of fanfiction yet?”  And I said, “What’s fanfiction?”

A month after very little success dumpster diving, and mournful over the fact that there was so much potential, I decided to write something.  A couple of fics later, I entered a contest with a one-shot called The Hummer, realized what a DILF Carlisle was, and somehow got swept up in the community.  I got a twitter handle, fangirl-stalked my ficwife, and made some fantastic friends. 

I’m in it for the long haul, so to speak.  I will never finish my to be read list, and as long as fanfiction continues to exist free on the internet, I will never be done reading.  I haven’t read a real book outside of “The Potty Journey” in four years.  I should probably have read at least one other parenting-type book or something since I spawned…

I never leave negative reviews, I’m honest with those I beta for, and I don’t get caught up in any of the fandom drama – most of which I’m completely oblivious to.  I do this for fun, as too much of RL is hard enough already.  I am a serious fangirl of some of the attendees, and am SO excited about meeting so many people I’ve only ever met over email and twitter.   Horray for us!  And, Chicago, poor Chicago, you may never be the same!


I work 4 days a week for an online retail store doing EVERYTHING!!!!  Like seriously it's a one woman show here, but I absolutely love working alone because I can do things like write this now and no one knows about it. LOL.  There are owners but they travel mostly doing trade shows and they are relatives so it's a very easy going atmosphere, but I'm definitely tooooooo busy.  But, I work a few miles from home, pretty much make my own hours, and can wear WHATEVER I want to work, so I don't complain too much (except to Kassiah daily so don't tell her I said I don't complain - hehehe).  

I am also married and unfortunately have not been blessed with any children, but not for lack of trying.  It just hasn't been in the cards for us.  We do have a Siberian Husky, Lucy, that is just over a year old and she is definitely our baby.  She is very spoiled and I love her to death.  It is the BEST thing to come home to a jumping up and down furry creature that just wants you to sit & pet her for as long as I want.  She nuzzles up to me and it's probably one of the best parts of my day because I never have to doubt how much she loves.

My husband and I are huge movie watchers.  Before I was married, I literally saw every movie at the theater and could easily watch 4 movies in a row.  He is not quite as passionate as I am, so I'm lucky if I get 2 in a row and that's not very often.   Over the summer before Twilight, the movie, was released I was sitting at a family dinner and my aunt said that she was reading this series that I had to read.  I'm pretty sure she was reading Eclipse at the time.  I read the back of the book and my first thought was, "Vampires? meh."  I told her I wasn't really that into vampire books and she said, "It's not about vampires, it's a love story and there just happen to be vampires." I still wasn't interested, but it's funny because that's exactly what I say now to people when trying to convince them to read Twilight.  So, when the movie was released, my hubs & I were obviously going to see it, because we love movies, and we both like Kristen Stewart.  In all honesty, when I left the theater, I was like - "meh, it was a cute teenager vampire movie" but I certainly wasn't running out to tell everyone to go see it - YET!!!!  My hubs brought me the book home later that week, and he said he'd heard people raving about the books on the radio.  So, I thought I'd give a try because books are usually better than the movie and that is pretty much all she wrote.  My Twi-Obsession had begun.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm the SLOWEST READER ever and I plowed through all of the books.  I read them 4 times between November and January and I saw the movie a ton in that time as well.  My mom read them and she was hooked as well.  It really was insane.  I have never obsessed about something like that before or since - except maybe Rob, but isn't that included.  Speaking of Rob, when I walked out of Twilight, I seriously thought, that guy is not that cute to me and he's supposed to be the greatest looking man??? Well, I guess I'm getting old.  It wasn't until after I had read the books over and over and I just needed more that I started googling everything Twilight and started watching all of the interviews and stuff that I fell in love with Rob.  I love how funny he is and yeah now I think he's pretty hot.  So, in all of my googling I watched an interview where Stephenie Meyer herself said something about fanfiction and I had never heard of it before.  So, I googled that and the Twi-Obsession grew exponentially.

I probably read two one-shots that were pretty good but I was lucky because the very first story I came across was "Let Your Light Shine" by LolaShoes and I was hooked.  I was dying to talk to people about what I was reading.  I couldn't get enough, it was sooooo awesome to have these characters I loved so much just keep going on and on.  I wanted to talk to people, but didn't know how or where.  I ended up pming Lola on and started a friendship with her.  We still talk about my 3am reviews and pms, because that tended to be the times I would finish her chappies.  Then I started pming people who were reviewing her and actually ended up meeting a good friend who lives near me.  We were online friends for a long time pming back and forth before we ever realized we lived so close, it was so funny and now we are in person friends - hehe.  Once everyone got on Twitter the friendships expanded and now I have friendships that I've made that are very dear to me and always will go far beyond Twilight.  I will always be grateful for Twilight bringing so many wonderful people into my life.

Because, I'm so slow I haven't read near as much as everyone else.  But, I still love it.  I'm looking forward to meeting people that I either see on twitter or have read their stories.  I organized theater rentals for Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 for friends that live near me and that was super fun with long-lasting memories, so I am pretty confident that this weekend will be no different and looking forward to making new friends.

Hopefully that is enough about me.  I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know.  Not only am I a huge procrastinator but once I start, it's hard to get me to shut up.  So you've been warned. Hehe!!!!  xoxo

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hi! I’m Pam (aka annaharding) and I’m really excited to be coming to this – my first – meet up. It’s actually a birthday present to myself since I turned 60 this month.

I was first introduced to fanfiction while browsing on a Twilight IMDB board. Someone asked if there were stories out there with alternate endings, and readers were directed to My-Bella’s “The Fairytale Continues”. I loved it, loved her other stories (especially “Worth the Burn”) and have been hooked since. I have SO many favorite stories and authors now, though – and it seems that they are all your favorites, too, from what I’ve read in other Spotlights.

I was born and raised in Chicago, and now live in a western suburb. I’m a special ed teacher, and I work with young children with autism. I’m a reader – not a writer (at all!) – although I have tried to write a one-shot for a contest. (It was horrible – I deleted it!) Through fanfic, I met my twi-twin, biblepam. It was awesome getting to meet her in person last summer. She’s been responsible for directing me to new stories and authors. We chat daily through IM. (She really wanted to come, too, but just couldn’t work it this year. Sigh.)

I have 2 kids – both in their 20s and both (sadly) still living with me. We have 3 cats, belonging to whomever they pick at the moment.

I’m definitely a BxE pairing fan, and since discovering fanfiction, I’ve stopped watching TV or reading other genres of stories and books. I am SO excited about this meet-up and am looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bookstore & Bar Crawl

The schedule for the Bookstore & Bar Crawl is now available here and on the Schedule page! No need to RSVP, just be in the lobby at the Hilton Suites at 11:00 AM on Thursday, June 27th.

See you soon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Handmade MarketPlace Vendor Spotlight: StephXStitch

Hey TFMU-ers, 

As the days S L O W L Y  C R A W L by and we get closer and closer to The TwiFic Meet Up Chicago, I know I'm getting SUPER EXCITED (see: shouty caps) for what's to come (TWSS). 

Not only do we have some SUPER AWESOME activities planned for you, but you should also know that we have some pretty AMAZEBALLS vendors for  The Handmade MarketPlace! The market takes place during the Official Reception on Friday, June 28th (7-10pm) at the Hilton Suites.

One such vendor is StephXStitch. Her collection of snarky hilarity cross-sticted frames are A NECESSITY for the modern day sarcastic lady. What's awesome is that she's gone above and beyond and made some just for us. Check them out HERE.

Didn't see your favorite line from Eclipse? Or can't find some Jacob love in there anywhere? Have no fear! She's taking custom orders and may even be able to have them ready for you by the 28th! Just email her!

Can't wait to see you freaks! :-D


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Attendee Spotlight for mollybean aka Marlene Evans.

I am an attorney living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with my cat Maggie.  My obsession with Twilight and Edward Cullen began in December 2009 as what I thought would be merely a distraction to get me through the first holiday season after my husband's death on September 13.  I attach great significance to the coincidence in the date of his death and Bella’s birthday. I'm afraid that has me hooked for life. I found fanfiction in early 2010. Wide Awake is the first fic that got me thirsting for more, but Fridays@Noon is the fic that got me into the adrenaline rush of following wips. There's only one character for me. I just want to be Edward Cullen. I am solely a reader at this point, but who knows? 

I've been to Chicago several times on business and have memories of good people, shopping and dining. I'm most looking forward to meeting authors that I follow and that have so enriched my life with their stories. I can't think of anything more fun than spending a few days with others that enjoy the same thing I do.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hotel Shuttle Info

GO Airport Express offers airport shuttle services between Chicago area locations and O'Hare and Midway Airports. Efficient, safe, and economical airport shuttles depart from O'Hare and Midway Airports every 15 minutes for Chicago downtown and many suburban locations. Ground transportation is arranged by making a reservation. Please Click Here to make your airport shuttle reservation/s, or call 1-800-284-3826 and use your 10% discount code: TwiFic (all one word).  

If you're looking to share a shuttle ride with someone to save even more, the lovely La Geologia created a spreadsheet to hook up with people arriving/departing around the same time.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi, I'm Sandra, with the Plotagon crew! I'm a citizen of Stockholm, Sweden and I was born a crazy fangirl, have been fangirling as long as I can remember (even though the concept hadn't got a name back in the 90's). Starting to work for Plotagon really made a dream come true – I now officially work with fanfic. Do you hear that? I make my living off of fanfic! This is the job that I could never even imagine existed, and now I have it. Omg.

1. What was the 1st Twilight FanFiction that you read? Did it only entice you to read more? Why or why not? 
To be honest, I haven't read that much Twilight fanfic, don't know why really, I did have a major crush on Mr. Cullen when the books came out. Looking forward to get some recs from you people!

2. What are you most looking forward to at the Twific Meet Up?
Participating in an actual fanfic con is something that I've never done before, so that'll be very interesting, looking forward to some of the seminars. Also, I'm excited about showing you people how Plotagon works, I think you'll really like it. :)

3. Are you a reader or a writer, or both?
Both. Nowadays, I take part of the Doctor Who, Sherlock and Harry Potter community. But also: Avengers have a special place in my heart. I have written a few stories for Doctor Who, Friends and The X-files.

4. Have you ever been to Vegas/Chicago (wherever the TFMU event is being held) before? No I haven't! I'm very excited about it, I haven't been to the US at all since 2009. Don't know much about Chicago but the clichee stuff: gangsters and hats, haha. But I'm very curious about finding out!

5. Have any pets? Kids? If so, tell us how many and their breeds (the dogs, people, the dogs). Nope, none of them. Do get my daily dose of cat gifs from tumblr, though.

Bonus Question:
If you could be one FicBella, FicEdward, FicEmmett, FicJasper or FicAlice (you get the picture-pick any character) for one day - which one would it be?

Well, I'm one of those people who prefers strictly canon, in every single fandom. No AU:s please! No nothing but the vampires in the forests of Forks! ;) So I'd say I'd be canon!Jasper. I've always had a soft spot for Jasper. Jasper recs are very welcome!