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I’m MaBarberElla, but you can call me Marcia.  I’m late thirties with two babies 2 & 4, an artist husband who stays at home & thus is slowly losing his mind, a spunky horse who I don’t ride enough, a full time job to pay the bills, and a leadership role for a non-for-profit that sucks up large chunks of time.

In my free time, I write…to get it all out of my system.  And by it, I mean the frustrations of daily life as well as an obsession with the Cullen men and a serious fawning over Rob and Peter and, yes, (don’t judge!) Jackson. 

I’ve been writing for what seems like forever, but didn’t much after college.  When I found myself working for a company that had just declared bankruptcy, six months pregnant without insurance, a newly-graduated hubbs with no job yet, not able to ride my horse and not playing my cello (too pregnant for both activities), I needed an outlet.  I had just finished reading the series and just like everyone else, I wanted more.  Hubbs will forever rue that fateful day a dear friend said to me, “Have you tried the slippery slope of fanfiction yet?”  And I said, “What’s fanfiction?”

A month after very little success dumpster diving, and mournful over the fact that there was so much potential, I decided to write something.  A couple of fics later, I entered a contest with a one-shot called The Hummer, realized what a DILF Carlisle was, and somehow got swept up in the community.  I got a twitter handle, fangirl-stalked my ficwife, and made some fantastic friends. 

I’m in it for the long haul, so to speak.  I will never finish my to be read list, and as long as fanfiction continues to exist free on the internet, I will never be done reading.  I haven’t read a real book outside of “The Potty Journey” in four years.  I should probably have read at least one other parenting-type book or something since I spawned…

I never leave negative reviews, I’m honest with those I beta for, and I don’t get caught up in any of the fandom drama – most of which I’m completely oblivious to.  I do this for fun, as too much of RL is hard enough already.  I am a serious fangirl of some of the attendees, and am SO excited about meeting so many people I’ve only ever met over email and twitter.   Horray for us!  And, Chicago, poor Chicago, you may never be the same!

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