Thursday, June 27, 2013


I work 4 days a week for an online retail store doing EVERYTHING!!!!  Like seriously it's a one woman show here, but I absolutely love working alone because I can do things like write this now and no one knows about it. LOL.  There are owners but they travel mostly doing trade shows and they are relatives so it's a very easy going atmosphere, but I'm definitely tooooooo busy.  But, I work a few miles from home, pretty much make my own hours, and can wear WHATEVER I want to work, so I don't complain too much (except to Kassiah daily so don't tell her I said I don't complain - hehehe).  

I am also married and unfortunately have not been blessed with any children, but not for lack of trying.  It just hasn't been in the cards for us.  We do have a Siberian Husky, Lucy, that is just over a year old and she is definitely our baby.  She is very spoiled and I love her to death.  It is the BEST thing to come home to a jumping up and down furry creature that just wants you to sit & pet her for as long as I want.  She nuzzles up to me and it's probably one of the best parts of my day because I never have to doubt how much she loves.

My husband and I are huge movie watchers.  Before I was married, I literally saw every movie at the theater and could easily watch 4 movies in a row.  He is not quite as passionate as I am, so I'm lucky if I get 2 in a row and that's not very often.   Over the summer before Twilight, the movie, was released I was sitting at a family dinner and my aunt said that she was reading this series that I had to read.  I'm pretty sure she was reading Eclipse at the time.  I read the back of the book and my first thought was, "Vampires? meh."  I told her I wasn't really that into vampire books and she said, "It's not about vampires, it's a love story and there just happen to be vampires." I still wasn't interested, but it's funny because that's exactly what I say now to people when trying to convince them to read Twilight.  So, when the movie was released, my hubs & I were obviously going to see it, because we love movies, and we both like Kristen Stewart.  In all honesty, when I left the theater, I was like - "meh, it was a cute teenager vampire movie" but I certainly wasn't running out to tell everyone to go see it - YET!!!!  My hubs brought me the book home later that week, and he said he'd heard people raving about the books on the radio.  So, I thought I'd give a try because books are usually better than the movie and that is pretty much all she wrote.  My Twi-Obsession had begun.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm the SLOWEST READER ever and I plowed through all of the books.  I read them 4 times between November and January and I saw the movie a ton in that time as well.  My mom read them and she was hooked as well.  It really was insane.  I have never obsessed about something like that before or since - except maybe Rob, but isn't that included.  Speaking of Rob, when I walked out of Twilight, I seriously thought, that guy is not that cute to me and he's supposed to be the greatest looking man??? Well, I guess I'm getting old.  It wasn't until after I had read the books over and over and I just needed more that I started googling everything Twilight and started watching all of the interviews and stuff that I fell in love with Rob.  I love how funny he is and yeah now I think he's pretty hot.  So, in all of my googling I watched an interview where Stephenie Meyer herself said something about fanfiction and I had never heard of it before.  So, I googled that and the Twi-Obsession grew exponentially.

I probably read two one-shots that were pretty good but I was lucky because the very first story I came across was "Let Your Light Shine" by LolaShoes and I was hooked.  I was dying to talk to people about what I was reading.  I couldn't get enough, it was sooooo awesome to have these characters I loved so much just keep going on and on.  I wanted to talk to people, but didn't know how or where.  I ended up pming Lola on and started a friendship with her.  We still talk about my 3am reviews and pms, because that tended to be the times I would finish her chappies.  Then I started pming people who were reviewing her and actually ended up meeting a good friend who lives near me.  We were online friends for a long time pming back and forth before we ever realized we lived so close, it was so funny and now we are in person friends - hehe.  Once everyone got on Twitter the friendships expanded and now I have friendships that I've made that are very dear to me and always will go far beyond Twilight.  I will always be grateful for Twilight bringing so many wonderful people into my life.

Because, I'm so slow I haven't read near as much as everyone else.  But, I still love it.  I'm looking forward to meeting people that I either see on twitter or have read their stories.  I organized theater rentals for Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 for friends that live near me and that was super fun with long-lasting memories, so I am pretty confident that this weekend will be no different and looking forward to making new friends.

Hopefully that is enough about me.  I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know.  Not only am I a huge procrastinator but once I start, it's hard to get me to shut up.  So you've been warned. Hehe!!!!  xoxo

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