Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips for Finding Cheaper Airfare

Hello, ladies!!  Many of you will be flying to Nashville or the price of an airline ticket will determine if you will attend TFMU 2014.  I've searched the internet for tips to finding the best rates on airfare.  Here is what I've discovered:

  • Look for flights Tuesdays after 3 as well as Wednesday.  Discounts are announced on Monday and the airlines typically post them on Tuesday.
  • Some believe there is a 'sweet spot' at about six weeks out for the lowest rate.
  • Use aggregation sites such as Booking Buddy, Airfarewatchdog or Bing.
  • Clear your cache and cookies each day you search. Prices from previous searches could come up.
  • Possibly check 2 one-way tickets
  • See if there is a redeye flight or extremely early flight
  • It doesn't hurt to check prices with a travel agent
  • Continue alerts from websites in case of lower prices occur after you have purchased your ticket. Yapta will help you get a refund.
  • One article said not to bother checking prices until you are 3 months out.
  • See if you airport has an airline that the search engines do not pick up like Southwest or Allegiant Air
For those lovely ladies who will be flying internationally I only found 2 tips.
  • Purchase tickets 3-5 months in advance
  • Have a travel agent check prices from a consolidator.
If you have any tips, please share them in the comments.  Happy and safe traveling!


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