Friday, March 7, 2014

Alternate Hotel Option

As much as we would love to guarantee each and every one of you a room at our rate, it just can't be done.  I believe there are only king bed rooms at our rate through our link. (That is ridiculous considering I would have not asked for ANY king beds.)  My contact seems to be unavailable in a meeting.  If you just go through the Hyatt Place's website the rooms are up to 314 a night + tax.  I have looked at the hotel map on tripadvisor and found that the Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville Downtown is 2 blocks away and at a much cheaper rate.  HOWEVER, there is construction going on around this hotel.  I did look into this hotel when searching for a place to host our gathering but at the time nothing was available.  Here is the link:  Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Nashville
I think it is owned by Hilton so use those rewards if you have them.

Thank you for your understanding.

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