Wednesday, April 15, 2015


If you are wondering what goes on at TwiFic Meet Up, let us enlighten you.  Here is a little back story to begin.  Four years ago, a group of fandom friends said they would like to have a get together where we could talk fic, meet authors, and hang with our internet friends.  A few people said they would organize it if there was enough interest. Boom!  Las Vegas was the first big TFMU. People got to go on a vacation and indulge their love of Twi Fic.  There were discussion groups, author workshops, a dominatrix, champagne, and more.  It has been held in Chicago, Nashville, and will be in Philadelphia this year.  The event itself has grown and changed (hopefully for the better) and continues to do so as we learn more after each gathering.  There are scheduled events, lunch, a party, and plenty of free time.  
The event takes money and time to plan. Your registration fees allow all of these wonderful things to happen. From the conference room where we have the workshops, author's panel, and meet and greet, the audiovisual needs, a catered lunch both Friday and Saturday,  a sightseeing event that normally involves stopping for drinks, a swag bag and more. 
Here is a concise version of the schedule so you can get an idea of the flow of the event.
Thursday: Arrival day with an informal gathering at hotel bar and possibly a TwiFic trivia game.
Friday: Registration to get your name badge, workshops and discussion groups, lunch, more workshops and groups. Break for the day around 3:00.  Meet and Drink, I mean Greet, party with all kinds of fun stuff in the evening until we pass out or go to bed.
Saturday: Authors panel showcase. Various authors will be featured where you can ask questions about your favorite fics. Lunch.  More authors and earlier break out for the day around 2:00 ish.  A sightseeing tour of Philly in the evening (hopefully). Any kind of shenanigans you want, as long it does not break the law.
Sunday:  Goodbye brunch. 
TA DA!!  
That is what you can expect at TwiFic Meet Up Philadelphia and much more.  Can't wait to see you there. 
 Mindy and Kathy