Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Transportation to San Diego from LA

Many thanks to Belle for compiling this information for us!

If you fly in to Los Angeles or other surrounding areas, here are some transit options to get to San Diego! So for the train, there are two options.

The Amtrak is the most direct, but also the most expensive. However, there is an Amtrak Station right in downtown SD, so you'll be pretty close to the hotel (though not walking distance). The cheaper option, if you're coming from Los Angeles or Orange County, is to take the Metrolink. This train is way cheaper (usually between $10-13 one way), but it will only take you as far south as Oceanside, so from there you'll need to hop on the Coaster to get into San Diego proper. This is a local commuter train and it will take you from Oceanside to downtown San Diego for about $5. Just remember that if you do the Metrolink/Coaster option, these are commuter trains, so there are fewer train times available (especially on weekends). Be sure to check the train schedule.

If you want to take the bus, there is actually a Greyhound station only like a couple blocks from the hotel. I think it's about $15ish one way if you're coming from LA. However, if you'll be coming from Los Angeles, remember than traffic from LA to San Diego will be horrendous in the evenings, so schedule accordingly.

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 Mindy & Kathy