Thursday, July 14, 2016

Swag Madness

Are you guys getting as excited as Mindy Sue and I are for the meetup? Hardly seems around the corner!

We were brainstorming this morning and decided to kick this one out to you guys. Every year, you get more creative with the t-shirts, bags, and general swag you make and bring... so, do you want to share? We're looking for some logo designs to add to our Cafe Press store (don't worry, we'll still have our in-house designs, too!). You can use Hard Rock assets (including their San Diego logo), according to the folks I've reached out to. I have a high-quality PNG I will gladly email to you, if you'd like to play around.

We can't promise to list your image, but we would love to see what you ladies come up with. Anything is fair game -- quotes (with author permission), popular sayings, etc.

Please send all inquiries and submissions to us via twitter or email (ms k athy @ gm ail .co m). The sooner you get them in, the better!

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