Thursday, November 10, 2016

TFMU 2017 Information!

The Official TwiFic Meetup 2017 HAS A HOTEL!
We have dates!
We are rolling towards an amazing meetup!

Thank you all so much for bearing with us while we sort out details, ask for advice, opinions, and options to make sure we have an amazing TFMU!

The votes are in, and July 28-30 was an overwhelming favorite. The last weekend in July. I know Las Vegas will be hot (blazing!) but The Venetian will be COOL!

Yep! We’ve gotten an incredible deal on Bella Suites at The Venetian. Each Bella Suite has two queen size beds as well as a sitting area. (Edward watching you sleep is optional!) Aimee is so fabulous, and got The Venetian down to $219 per night!

We wanted to find the best hotel for the very best price, and I think we’ve done it. Many of you responded to our survey, and staying on the Strip was a priority for many, and saving was a priority for a lot of us also. The Venetian has large, comfortable rooms, and an impeccable reputation, as well as being on the strip, and competitively priced.

Details on registering in our block of rooms, with our TFMU discount will be forthcoming. Please do NOT call for reservations now. We will have a code to use to get our group discount soon! (have I mentioned how much I appreciate everyone’s patience?)

We are working on registration fees, which we will announce as soon as the website is updated, and payment options are sorted, be be prepared for lower fees this year. We are going to do our best to keep registration fees under $100. (this is not carved in granite, so bear with us if this changes, we are working on budget to bring you the best value possible!)

Please let us know in the comments if you plan to attend. Getting an idea of how many want to join in TFMU 2017 Vegas will go a long way towards helping us plan the event!

Yay! Vegas, baby!