Monday, August 14, 2017

TFMU: The Official TwiFic Meetup Vegas!

Friday, July 28, 2017, The TwiFic Meetup opened its doors for the sixth annual Meetup. Everyone there greeted old friends with hugs and squeals, new friends were met and welcomed, and fangirl moments were had by all.

The response and feedback from so many of those who attended has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. I think everyone had a fantastic time!

This is what TFMU is all about. It's a chance for everyone, from readers and fans to betas and authors to get together and celebrate our fandom. We are an inclusive community, open for all fans to join.

I would like to continue the mission of facilitating an annual TwiFic Meetup that is accessible and affordable to as many who want to attend.

Will there be a TwiFic Meetup in 2018? 

Absolutely! Our Fandom Family means too much to too many of us to quit now! We are going to move onward and upward together!

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