Tuesday, November 14, 2017

TFMU 2018 is going to be PEACHY!

Frolic and flirt with your favorite fic friends, fandom fiends, and find even more FUN when TFMU goes to...

TFMU 2018 is officially in Atlanta Georgia, y'all!

I wish I was this cute!

I'm so excited about our Meetup! Our TwiFic Meetup is always so much fun, with wonderful friends, amazing authors, beaming betas, and fangirl moments that mean so much!

Wanna party with your Fandom Friends?

ATLANTA is the place!

We will have a poll to determine the best date. Look for this in the next few days!

The Marriott Marquis is a stunning hotel.

And they host is a little convention called Dragon Con every year. 
I'm in love with this place, and you will be too!

Last time I was there, I found a Bratty Vamp! 

It's perfectly suited for our group with great public areas, beautiful guest rooms, and easy (like super easy) transportation from the airport.

We've got some prices on hotel rooms at the Mariott Marquis for the following dates, to help facilitate narrowing our meetup down to a weekend that works for everyone. These prices are per night at the Mariott Marquis, downtown Atlanta.

1. June 1, 2018 : $129.00

2. June 8, 2018: $221.00

3. June 15, 2018:$139.00

4. June 22, 2018 (TSA Citywide rates in $500s) **please see below

5. June 29, 2018:$195.00

6. July 6, 2018: $195.00

7. July 13, 2018: $279.00

**Note: These dates are all Fridays. Traditionally our TwiFic Meetup begins Friday morning, which means that many attendees arrive on Thursday. Our rates will be good for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, with a verbal understanding (at this point) from the Mariott that some of our group will arrive earlier or later. 

Also: The tax rate for hotels in Atlanta is 16.9%, and there is also a $5.00 daily Georgia State Hotel Tax. 

I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there: The weekend of June 22 is pretty much a nope off the bat. I don't know what TSA Citywide is exactly (the hotel doesn't know specifically either) but apparently it is taking over the city that week, and every hotel is sky high.  

I'm sure we can work around that one little weekend though!

Get your calendars out, because we are going to be voting on the best weekend  THIS WEEK!

It's happening, ladies! Let's get excited for TFMU 2018! 

Comment below, or join our Facebook group for more! TFMU: The Official TwiFic Meetup

(If you find a typo or an error on this page, or the site, plese let me know!)

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