Friday, November 24, 2017

IT's the RUN OFF!


By popular request, we are having a run off vote between the weekends of 

June 1-2, June 15-16, and June 29-30

The form is open NOW, and will close November 30, with the winning weekend announced Saturday, December 2, 2017

Make no mistake, this IS a popularity contest! Which weekend tickles your fancy? Are you more flexible? Vote for any weekends you can and want to attend! Over 100 people voted, so let's see a great turnout for this fun off, and hang out with all of our fanfic friends this summer in Atlanta!

Pop on down to the VOTE HERE link, and get on in there!!!

June 1-2 is over here like:

On the other hand, June 15-16 is all

And I'm like

Someone might have gotten into the gifs. And the wine.

Voting on the dates for the TwiFic Meetup in Atlanta is up to YOU! 

We've got pumpkin to talk about!

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