TFMU is the Official TwiFic Meetup

If you've ever read a book, watched a movie or TV show, and wanted more, Fan Fiction might be for you. 

Where is the meetup?
Atlanta, Georgia at the Mariott Marquis downtown.

What do we do?
Thursday: Unofficial Greeting. We will gather in a central location in our hotel for an unofficial kick-off for the weekend. This is an informal event, with the location to be determined.

Friday: Registration, panels, one-on-one with writers and/or betas, and an evening Meet and Drink Party.

Saturday: Panels, one-on-one with writers and/or betas. Evening plans to be determined.

Sunday: Good-bye brunch (or lunch).
The schedule will be formalized and updated, and is subject to change.  Interested in participating in a panel or event? Contact us! tfmutwificmeetup@gmail.com, comment here, or post on the Facebook group.

 When is it?
Summer 2018. Be sure to participate in our poll to choose the weekend!
How much does it cost?
Hotel rooms will vary in cost depending on which weekend we choose. Registration will be $150.00, which includes one group lunch, the Meet and Drink, meeting rooms, and swag. 
Registration will be opened after our dates are determined.

Who else is coming?
We have friends all over the world who gather every summer, and we want to see YOU TOO!
How can I keep up with TFMU information?
Subscribe here for every update!

Join our Facebook group TFMU Facebook
Can I attend the meet up if I don’t write fanfiction?
Of course! You better! This event is for readers, writers, bloggers, betas, artists, and people who are people! 

Can I bring my family?en and where is the event being held
You can bring your family, spouse, and or kids! Spouses and significant others have done very well with our group! Although the scheduled activities for the meet up itself are not designed to be kid-friendly, there are plenty of activities in Atlanta for them!

This year Southern Charm and a whole bunch of others will be pulling together panels, parties, and all the other fun things we do. MsKathy is manning the Twitter account! 

If you want to volunteer, contribute, participate, or wave a feather, let us know!

We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Reach out however works best for you!

Facebook Group: TFMU: The Official TwiFic Meetup
Twitter: @TwificMeetUp
Email: TFMU Official Email

How we began: 

It all started on Twitter (back in 2011), like many things do. A few Fic Sisters were chatting about how fun it had been to meet Twific friends at the San Diego Comic Con and how great it would be to have a gathering specifically for the TwiFic Fandom. TFMU was born.

We've had meetups in Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Diego, Las Vegas, and in 2018, ATLANTA!

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