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Southern Charm 

Just an average fandom fan!

I'm like cherry vodka and Diet Coke, sweet enough, strong enough, and damnit, you're probably going to need another!

Just a few of the fabulous ladies have organized our meetups:

KYGirlTwo (Mindy Sue)

Hi! I'm Mindy. I am fortunate enough to stay home with 2 little girls. Twilight came into my life right when New Moon was out on DVD. Fanfic revived my love of reading and continues to nurture it. Looking forward to seeing my tweethearts, authors I love and meeting new friends at TFMU 2014.
Mindy Sue

Twitter: @KYGirlTwo
Email: KYGirlTwo at

AllThingsHHH (Michelle)

I'm a work from home Grant Researcher. Lucky to have a very supportive husband who still thinks it’s funny I actually read Twilight. I have three very spoiled furbabies who keep me company when I curl up to read. Reading is my passion and main hobby. Of course, after reading Twilight, I discovered fanfiction. I’ve been hooked since 2008. Since joining twitter and connecting with fellow TwiFi lovers, I’ve meet some of the most amazing women and love going to fan events like BD1&2 premiere, Comic-Con, TwiTarded, and TFMU-Chicago. I’m looking forward to TFMU 2014 and meeting more friends! Look for me on Bookish Temptations for occasional posts for Fan Fic Fridays!

Twitter: @AllThingsHHH
AllThingsHHH at

MsKathy (Kathy)

I'm a working mother of 1 small person. I love to read TwiFic, and write TwiFic, although I'm not the most out-of-the-closet Twifan ever. I've been reading, writing, and offering up my red pen services since early 2008, and love going to fan events and get-togethers whenever time and money allow. I'm grateful for the surrogate family and lifelong friends fanfiction and this fandom has given me.

Twitter: @MsKathy
MsKathy at
Original Fiction blog

Charmie (Aime)

I have betaded some fics and written one.

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